Santoku ZBX-5003B
Santoku ZBX-5003B Santoku ZBX-5003B Santoku ZBX-5003B Santoku ZBX-5003B Santoku ZBX-5003B Santoku ZBX-5003B Santoku ZBX-5003B Santoku ZBX-5003B Santoku ZBX-5003B

Santoku ZBX-5003B

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Handle: Drevená
Blade lenght: 18cm
Blade material: Oceľová
Usage: Mäso, ryby, zelenina
Weight: 153,00 g
Producer: Mcusta Zanmai

Santoku knife with 18 cm three-layer blade. Core from Aogami Super. Bolster made of nickel and silver alloy. Octagonal handle "twisted" from Honoki wood. Packed in a wooden box. We recommend treating the edge with blade oil. You can purchase a traditional Saya HZ2-3003N wooden case for this knife.

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Product detail

Our friend Tomohiro Hasegawa pleasantly surprised us with a new line of attractive Mcusta Zanmai kitchen knives. He called them BEYOND very characteristically. As you know, this English term has several meanings, but in this case it is most appropriate on the other side. We will explain why right away.

Marusho Industry is known for its advanced technological processes, which result in perfectly refined knives. In terms of materials, the company mainly focuses on first-class anti-corrosion steels such as VG2, VG10 and SPG2 delivered from the Takefu Special Steel steel plant. But now it has decided to do what we can safely call a step to the other side. Just simply BEYOND.

Apart from the exclusive Constellation limited editions, this is the first time that the traditional high carbon steel for Mcusta Zanmai knives has been used on such a scale. And when Tomo does something, he does it 100%. Therefore, he did not hesitate for a long time and reached for the most noble "blue" in the form of Aogami Super. It can easily be hardened to a hardness of over 64HRC. In order to reduce the maintenance of the blades as much as possible, the outer layers of the San Mai construction are made of anti-corrosion steel. This means that just like the Tosaichi Aogami Super knives, you only need to rub the edge with the blade oil. The texture of the blade is in the hair line version, that is, with fine vertical lines, which are separated from the polished edge by a highlighted hamon. The blade, according to the manufacturer's philosophy, is convex, or Hamaguri.

The fact that these are luxury knives is also evidenced by the continuation behind the blade. The bolster is made of nickel and silver alloy. Its matte satin finish suits it very well. The interface between the bolster and the handle is discreetly defined by a dark red resin ring. The handles are made of Hinoki wood, which, due to its durability, was used to build temples and shrines. They have the shape of an octagon, but not the classic one. It is about twisted version, when the octagon is gently turned to the side. The result is a perfect knife grip. The last element that completes the beautifully balanced whole is the decorative application on the handle.

Of course, such knives deserve adequate packaging. It is in the form of wooden paulownia boxes just like the other Mcusta Zanmai premium knife series.

BEYOND knives contain everything perfect that we are used to from the Mcusta Zanmai brand, but at the same time they move them more to the side of traditional Wa Bocho, i.e. typical Japanese knives.

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About producer

Mcusta Zanmai

Marusho Industry Inc. - a company producing refined Mcusta pocket knives, luxurious Zanmai kitchen knives and iconic Silky scissors - located in the center of Japanese cutlery, in the city of Seki. The city gained this status already in the middle of the 13th century thanks to sand with a rich content of iron ore, high-quality peat and water sources. These were the reasons why the renowned sword maker Motoshige relocated to this area from the island of Kyushu. During the Muromachi period (1338-1573), more than 300 blacksmiths worked in Seki. Among the most famous were Kanemoto Magoroku and Saburo Shizu. Seki swords quickly gained a reputation throughout Japan.

The Marusho company was founded in 1964. Today, it is run by the founder's grandson and his family. It operates one of the most advanced knife factories not only in the city of Seki, but in all of Japan. Thanks to advanced technologies (laser cutters, CNC mills, 3D CAD/CAM projection), the company produces products refined to the smallest detail. The best example is Zanmai brand kitchen knives. But without manual finalization by experienced craftsmen, the products would be far from perfect.

Zanmai means Luxury in Japanese. However, the word is actually derived from the Sanskrit "Samadhi", which is the term for the process of meditation leading to consciousness. It is not known how deeply the Hasegawa clan devotes itself to meditation, but this matter is more than clear. Their knives are consciously polished to the highest luxury.

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