Asahi CC-LL cutting board
 Asahi CC-LL cutting board  Asahi CC-LL cutting board  Asahi CC-LL cutting board  Asahi CC-LL cutting board  Asahi CC-LL cutting board  Asahi CC-LL cutting board  Asahi CC-LL cutting board

Asahi CC-LL cutting board

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Hygienic and antibacterial cutting board from Parker Asahi. Extremely gentle on the knife edge. Patented technology proven in the best Japanese sushi restaurants for several decades. Size: 42x25x1.3cm

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The most important parameter of a kitchen knife is its sharpness. This is doubly true for Japanese knives. Thanks to the construction, material composition and, last but not least, the geometry, Japanese blades stand out for their long service life. But every blade, even the most perfect, wears out over time. The pace of this process obviously depends on the way the knife is used. That is, what the knife cuts, how it cuts, what it cuts on and how much care it takes. Japanese knives are intended for ordinary kitchen cutting. They cope well with meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, bakery products, etc. Cut with a smooth stroke, not with pressure. We deal with the care of the knives in another place, and now let´s talk about a base for cutting - cutting boards.

The cutting board is more important than it might seem at first glance. Its role is not only to protect the work surface, but above all your knife. An unsuitable board can significantly shorten the life of the blade. Plastic cutting boards are used in many professional kitchens. They are not the most gentle on the blade, but hygiene standards often prescribe them. Their main advantage is their maintenance. Wooden boards, especially those made from softer woods, are much friendlier to your blade. It is worse with their hygienic side. Removing food residues from their surface and many grooves is quite a laborious and unpleasant task. The idea of how to build a cutting board that does not destroy the knife edge and is at the same time extremely hygienic is not a new one. You may be surprised to learn that such boards have been used in Japan for over 50 years. Their wider distribution into ordinary households was mainly hindered by their price, so restaurants mainly reached for them. But more and more people realize that such a tool is an integral part of their high-quality knives, and that's why the manufacturer also came up with versions for the home.

Parker Asahi Co. Ltd. belongs to the long-term pioneers of hygienic cutting boards. Its patented boards are made of synthetic rubber. The latter proved to be a more durable solution than polyethylene boards with a wooden core from its Japanese competitor. Many Japanese sushi bars have been using Asahi plates for over 40 years without needing to replace them. Synthetic rubber is not only very gentle on the knife edge, but also extremely durable. The knife does not penetrate as deeply as in the case of a wooden board. At the same time, it absorbs many times less moisture than wood. All this contributes to the hygienic and antibacterial properties of Asahi plates.

Hygienic and antibacterial certificate:

The main advantages of Asahi cutting boards:

- Resistance to bacteria and fungi

- Careful with the knife edge

- Durability

- Quick drying

- Simple maintenance

- Long life

- Wood-like texture

Warning: not suitable for the dishwasher and storing hot objects

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