Kajiwara Santoku KK-3
Kajiwara Santoku KK-3 Kajiwara Santoku KK-3 Kajiwara Santoku KK-3 Kajiwara Santoku KK-3 Kajiwara Santoku KK-3 Kajiwara Santoku KK-3 Kajiwara Santoku KK-3 Kajiwara Santoku KK-3

Kajiwara Santoku KK-3

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Handle: Wooden
Blade lenght: 16, 5 cm
Blade material: Steel
Usage: Fish.meat.vegetable
Producer: Kajiwara

The santoku knife is the most popular type of knife in Japanese families. He is very versatile and holds the same position as a chef knife in Europe. Blade length is 165 mm. We recommend camellia oil from our offer for blade treatment.

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Product detail

Kajiwara-san is experienced enough to know that life is very short. To waste it with work that does not bring the desired effect is an unforgivable luxury in his understanding. Therefore, he focused his small-lot family production on difficult processing of the best materials. The gems that come from his workshop are so sought after that customers usually wait 8 months or more for them, because they know that they will get a fair product for a fair price.

The basis of Kajiwara Kurouchi knives is a core forged from top steel Hitachi Aogami 2, which with its extreme hardness /63 HRC/ ensures long endurance of the blade. The blade has an unpolished black treatment kurouchi of the handle, in which the handwork of a blacksmith master stands out best. The exclusive character of the knife is underlined by an oval handle made of noble rosewood with a ferrule made of pakka wood.

Aogami steel is known for its high carbon content. As it is not an anti-corrosion material, it requires maintenance in the form of thorough drying and application of a fine layer of oil (Hamono Abura, Camellia oil) after use. Possible color instability /patina/ is a natural attribute of this material.

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About producer


Kajiwara kitchen knives come to us from the Tosa region, which today belongs to Kochi prefecture on the southern Japanese island of Shikoku. The adjacent Niyido River basin is dotted with fertile rice fields and dense forests. It is a land of fishermen and traditional crafts.

Although Tosa was founded as a city only in 1959, the history of this province goes back to before the Edo period. Today, nearly seventy-year-old Tsutomu Kajiwara-san belongs to the third generation of renowned blacksmiths. Together with his son-in-law, he creates the most perfect kitchen knives in the area exclusively by hand in a traditional way. Just run your finger along the blade made of uncompromising Hitachi Aogami 2 steel and you will immediately know who you are dealing with. This royal material reaches a hardness of up to 63 HRC and is considered as one of the highest quality steels in the industry in Japan. Kajiwara-san transforms individual layers of noble material into a rich damask pattern also called suminagashi, reminiscent of his handwriting. It has unique depth and sharpness. His second specialty is the elegant Kurouchi blades. Their timeless rustic black finish is popular all over Japan.

Kajiwara kitchen knives are a symbol of craftsmanship applied to the highest quality materials. The blade, made of Hitachi Aogami 2, goes through a guard of pakka wood into a handle of exotic rosewood. 

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