Petty MSA-500 utility knife
Petty MSA-500 utility knife Petty MSA-500 utility knife Petty MSA-500 utility knife Petty MSA-500 utility knife Petty MSA-500 utility knife Petty MSA-500 utility knife Petty MSA-500 utility knife Petty MSA-500 utility knife Petty MSA-500 utility knife Petty MSA-500 utility knife Petty MSA-500 utility knife Petty MSA-500 utility knife Petty MSA-500 utility knife Petty MSA-500 utility knife Petty MSA-500 utility knife Petty MSA-500 utility knife

Petty MSA-500 utility knife

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Handle: Wooden
Blade lenght: 15cm
Blade material: Steel
Usage: Universal
Producer: Kasumi

The versatile Petty kitchen knife by Master Katsushige Anryu. 15 cm blade, type San Mai in kurouchi design. Super Aogami steel core. Symmetrical V-shaped blade. Cherry wood handle. Blade requires camellia oil treatment.

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Product detail

Katsumi Sumikama has prepared many surprises for us. Really unusual for Japanese conservatism. It was not at all easy to resist the temptation to launch all the news at once. But we know from our own experience that even good needs to be reasonably dosed. So let's get to it.

The Kasumi brand is best known for its damascene blades. But recently, the Sumikama Cutlery company has also become visible through cooperation activities. For example, it produces blades for Super Stone Barrier knives, on which an external company then applies the earthenware layers, but the finalization takes place again in the premises Sumikama Cutlery. But it did not just stay with modern knives. Katsumi Sumikama decided to supplement his collection with hand-forged knives made of traditional materials. And he chose the right path.

There are several areas in Japan where renowned knife masters work in the same way as many generations before. Tosa, Sakai, Tsubame and of course Takefu. And it is here, newly in Echizen, that the legendary master Katsushige Anryu works. Let's say something about the blacksmith, who, in addition to his work, is also famous for the statement: “Iron is alive. Whether he survives or dies depends on the blacksmith.”Anryu-san's motto for more than 50 years.

He comes from a family where the previous 3 generations have been blacksmithing since 1870. His plans were different, but as the eldest son he had no choice. He had to continue in his father's footsteps. After graduating from high school in 1959, he started working as an apprentice in his father's workshop. He soon showed his talent and became a prominent member of Takefu Knife Village. It is an association formed by leading blacksmiths from the city of Echizen. Despite his mature age and great career, Anryu-san modestly declares himself, "I am still trying to make a better knife."

Katsumi did not have to think long when deciding who will make blades for their knives. It was just a matter of getting his order into Master Anrya's crowded diary. However, as it turned out, the Kasumi brand is a sufficient attraction even for masters of this format. This created a very fruitful connection, which results in perfect knives.

It is logical that the masters of the Katsushige Anryu class reach only for the highest quality materials. Therefore, Super Blue Core is not surprising. In translation, the Aogami Super steel core from Hitachi Steel Co. It is lined on both sides with softer iron, as we are used to with the blades of San Mai. In the spirit of the Rolls Royce car philosophy, where there is talk of sufficient performance, the hardness in specific numbers is not mentioned in this category of knives as well. The blades are just hard, which means well above 60HRC. How many degrees above this limit is not important. It is about Aogami Super after all.

The blades are made of kurouchi, i.e. black, unpolished. Each bears on one side the masters' signature embossed in kanji characters and on the other the logo and the inscription KASUMI to make it clear to whom they were made. The blade is symmetrical in the shape of the letter "V".

The blades are fitted with oval handles made of perfectly viewed cherry wood. The traditional Japanese construction and the absence of a ferrule give the knives a minimalist look, in this case explicitly desirable. The result is a practical knife, made of the best materials and with an indescribable aura.

Small series production with long delivery times add to the exclusivity of these knives.

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About producer


The brand KASUMI belongs to Sumikama Cutlery Mfg. Pvt.Ltd. Its current owner represents the third generation of this knifemaking family. Mr. Katsumi Sumikava found a very appropriate name for his knives - KASUMI. Not only because it resembles his name, but mainly because their damascus blades resemble the outlines of mountains under a misty sky. In Japanese culture, you often come across names that are direct references to specific objects or phenomena. And this is one of the examples.

Sumikama Cutlery is located in the city of Seki in Gifu Prefecture. It is an important center of Japanese cutlery, a kind of analogue of Solingen in Germany or Sheffield in England. Admittedly, with a richer history. The first blacksmiths began to settle here at the end of the 13th century. The attraction was peat reserves, rich iron ore sand, fresh water and the proximity of important rivers. These ideal conditions caused more than 300 forges to operate in Seki between 1300 and 1500. The quality of Seki swords soon gained an unshakable position, and the best katanas of samurai warriors usually came from this area.

Today, the production of KASUMI brand kitchen knives is overseen by master Kanefusa Fujiwara himself, a member of the 25th generation of the clan, famous for the production of katana swords. You can find the proud name of the region on every KASUMI brand blade.

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