Meat cleaver Masahiro 14092
Meat cleaver Masahiro 14092 Meat cleaver Masahiro 14092 Meat cleaver Masahiro 14092 Meat cleaver Masahiro 14092

Meat cleaver Masahiro 14092

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Handle: Wooden
Blade lenght: 15, 7cm
Blade material: Steel
Usage: Meat
Weight: 380,00 g
Producer: Masahiro

Sturdy, durable yet Japanese-sharp meat cleaver makes it easy to work with larger portions of meat. Top quality Masahiro MBS-26 steel with Hamaguri convex blade.

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Product detail

Meaning of the company Masahiro in the cutting industry is so crucial that we decided to devote more space to it in our Nippon Knives store. After a successful chef's board MBS-26 which Masahiro debuted with us and bestsellers Bunka MC-80 , we will gradually introduce you other representatives of this brand from Seki, Japan.

We try to tailor our collection to supporters of various types of food and its modifications. Whether you are a vegan, a vegetarian, a fish and seafood lover, or you can't imagine a hearty meal without meat, we will offer you the right knife.

We will now focus on those who are "friends" with meat on a large scale. . Butchers, whether professional or amateur, but also hunters will appreciate knives such as Gyuto , Sujihiki , or boning knives .But sometimes a "larger caliber" is better used to cut larger pieces of meat. And we will just introduce it to you.

Meat cleaver Masahiro 14092 is not a crumb, but a proper piece of tool. Assess its technical and tactical parameters. It "grew" to a decent 305mm, while the blade represents more than half the total length / 157mm /. Its width at the widest point is not negligible 115mm. If low weight of knife is an advantage (in which Japanese knives excel), the meat cleaver can not be light weight under any circumstances. With its 680g, it delivers kinetics that no tendons or cartilage can withstand. Of course, the Japanese blade also helps with this. By the way, even with a blade thickness of 4 mm, you can cut a sheet of office paper into narrow strips. Those who follow at least a little bit of developments in the cutlery industry know that Masahiro has its own steel. It is the well-known MBS-26, often referred to as Molybdenum-Vanadium Stainless Steel.As the name implies, it is stainless steel / Cr 13-14% / with vanadium additives 0.15%, molybdenum 0.30%, manganese 0.60%, silicon 0.60% and nickel 0.30%. The fact that we have the honor with high-carbon stainless steel is evidenced by its content of up to 0.95%. MBS-26 thus achieves a hardness of 59-60 ° HRC, which we encounter only exceptionally with meat cleavers. Thanks to the mentioned legates, the steel is also strong.

The cleaver has a robust full tang construction, which only underlines its purpose. The handle made of black stabilized pakkawood sits in a big hand. It is reinforced by countersunk threads, emphasizing the durability of the product. In order for the symmetrical blade to withstand as much as possible, it has the shape of a Hamaguri, so it is convex. The 157mm cutting line has a slight radius that further strengthens the blade. It has a circular hole in the upper part used to hang the cleaver. Its interesting shape is completed by the brand name and steel designation.

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About producer


MASAHIRO is one of the largest Japanese companies in the field of professional kitchen knives and cutting equipment in the meat processing industry. Its share in the Japanese market is up to 80%. This giant in its field uses its own steel MBS-26. It is a very high-quality anti-corrosion steel with a high proportion of carbon /0.85 – 0.95%/. To achieve the best properties, MBS-26 is processed in three thermal processes, including so-called sub-zero treating using cryo chambers. The result is not only hard /HRC 58-59/, but also tough steel that does not require any maintenance.

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