Pocket knife MC-0181D
Pocket knife MC-0181D Pocket knife MC-0181D Pocket knife MC-0181D Pocket knife MC-0181D Pocket knife MC-0181D Pocket knife MC-0181D Pocket knife MC-0181D Pocket knife MC-0181D Pocket knife MC-0181D Pocket knife MC-0181D Pocket knife MC-0181D Pocket knife MC-0181D Pocket knife MC-0181D

Pocket knife MC-0181D

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Handle: Micarta
Blade lenght: 9, 4cm
Blade material: Damascus
Usage: Outdoor
Weight: 126,00 g
Producer: Mcusta

Oda Nobunaga from the Sengoku series. 33 layered damascene blade with a core of proven VG-10. The black micarta handle is decorated with contrasting brass rivets, an engraved stone and the name Oda Nobunaga. The knife comes with a belt sheath.

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Product detail

Experience has shown us that fans of quality knives do not like to say goodbye to their helpers even when wandering in nature. This knowledge resulted in the decision to offer our customers outdoor or pocket knives. When looking for the right brand, we have set a single criterion, uncompromising and exclusive quality, which will ensure the integrity of the goods offered by our store. The choice logically fell on the MCUSTA brand.

MCUSTA pocket knives come from the city of Seki. Like our Mcusta Zanmai kitchen knives, they combine the craftsmanship of several centuries with the most progressive achievements of modern machining technology.

The design of knives with reference to Japanese cultural values is created by sophisticated 3D CAM systems. Only the highest quality materials are used. The core of the blades is made of top steel VG-10, which is characterized not only by extreme hardness /61 HRC/, but also by the necessary flexibility and anti-corrosion thanks to cobalt, chromium, molybdenum. Unlike other manufacturers who punch blades, MCUSTA cuts them with a laser beam. That achieves exceptional accuracy, which is especially important with pocket knives.

No less attention is paid to the handles. They are ergonomically shaped and made of the highest quality materials. You can choose from durable micarta, stabilized wood, Corian or anodised aluminum. From exotic woods, African ebony, South American cocobolo or Mediterranean doula or rosewood were used. However, in accordance with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, the MCUSTA brand has begun to replace these with equally high-quality, visually attractive but not endangered woody plants, such as desert ironwood. The smooth operation of the closing mechanism is ensured by Teflon washers of the anodized pin and secured by an insert lock. The opening and closing of the knife is accompanied in the end positions by a significant "click", so characteristic of quality knives.

The knife can be easily opened with one hand thanks to the double-sided fixed pin on the top of the blade. The pocket buckle allows comfortable and undisturbed carrying in the trouser pocket. After the production of the prototype, the knife is thoroughly tested not only in laboratories, but also in nature. Each piece is assembled by hand and then tested. Models without a pocket clip are supplied in a traditional woven Japanese Nishijin sheath, or a durable nylon-leather sheath.

In an effort to reduce costs, even the world's most prestigious pocket knife brands have moved their production to China. MCUSTA is one of the few bright exceptions that have built on the tradition and guaranteed quality of domestic production.

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About producer


The manufacturer of iconic MCUSTA knives is Marusho Industry Inc. from Seki City in Gifu Province. Any connoisseur of Japanese knives knows that this is a prominent area with more than 700 years of tradition. The Hasegawa family clan has been producing the most sophisticated pocket knives you can find here for three generations.

Marusho Industry Inc. has a rarely seen production background in this industry. Since we are lucky, or rather honored, to be a family friend of the Hasegawas, we did not miss the opportunity to tour their factory. We start with the design and construction section, where experienced programmers prepare algorithms for modern CNC machines. The most elegant materials that you can only imagine in a cutlery shop are casually resting in the entrance warehouse. VG-10 steel sheets from nearby Takefu, 33-layer damascene sheets, aluminum alloys, rare woods and high-quality micarta. Laser cutters and CNC mills work in the machining section. However, the most interesting thing for us is the finalization of the knives and their subsequent sharpening. Here, on the contrary, everything is done manually. Even the president of the company, Tomohiro Hasegawa, sits down at the rotating grindstone and skillfully shapes the razor blade. This is followed by a final inspection, where each knife is carefully examined and travels to the dispatch warehouse. The whole world is supplied from there. Today, you will hardly find a brand that is still produced in its country of origin. MCUSTA is among those that have retained this privilege.

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