Petty 52012 - utility kitchen knife
Petty 52012 - utility kitchen knife Petty 52012 - utility kitchen knife Petty 52012 - utility kitchen knife Petty 52012 - utility kitchen knife Petty 52012 - utility kitchen knife Petty 52012 - utility kitchen knife Petty 52012 - utility kitchen knife

Petty 52012 - utility kitchen knife

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Handle: Micarta
Blade lenght: 12cm
Blade material: Steel
Usage: Universal
Producer: Kasumi

The Petty is a universal helper with a 12 cm blade. Not everything can be done with long blades.Monolithic blade made of high carbon steel VG-10. Sturdy and durable handle made of synthetic marble.

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Product detail

The KASUMI brand by right of merit belongs among the notorious brands not only in the cradle of Japanese blacksmith Seki, but also far beyond the borders of the monarchy. For the last few years, the company has been working intensively on the development of truly professional knives.

The requirements have been strictly set. Robust knives made of the most durable materials, with perfect ergonomics and exceptional cutting performance. And because time of a professional chef is expensive, knives must stay sharp for as long as possible and do not require special maintenance. The choice fell on the famous V-Gold Super Stainless Hight Carbon Steel, the well-known VG-10. It would be meaningless to write about this hard anti-corrosion material. To make it clear to everyone who has the honor of encounter, the new product line was named KASUMI VG-10 PRO. Unlike many other blades, where the rare VG-10 forms only a few micron core, the KASUMI VG-10 PRO can be proud of a complete monolithic blade made of this steel. And not only that. The VG-10 blade is welded to the steel handle tang. You will not find this unique and complicated technical element with any other knives. Manufacturers usually choose an easier way by inserting the blade into the bolster, or choosing another material. The blade is very fine, as it is hand-sharpened on a circular whetstone with a granulation of 3000.

Synthetic marble hard resin-based was chosen for the construction of the handle. The handle is thus pleasant to the touch, very durable and does not require any maintenance. In addition, together with the blade, it creates a very aesthetic unit. KASUMI has made every effort to develop this line and its launch has been approved only after passing rigorous tests. It was not influenced by the pressure of importers who could not wait for these professional knives. After the first acquaintance with them, it is clear to everyone that patience has paid off.

Nippon Knives has the honor to introduce you to the new professional line of KASUMI VG-10 PRO knives

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About producer


The brand KASUMI belongs to Sumikama Cutlery Mfg. Pvt.Ltd. Its current owner represents the third generation of this knifemaking family. Mr. Katsumi Sumikava found a very appropriate name for his knives - KASUMI. Not only because it resembles his name, but mainly because their damascus blades resemble the outlines of mountains under a misty sky. In Japanese culture, you often come across names that are direct references to specific objects or phenomena. And this is one of the examples.

Sumikama Cutlery is located in the city of Seki in Gifu Prefecture. It is an important center of Japanese cutlery, a kind of analogue of Solingen in Germany or Sheffield in England. Admittedly, with a richer history. The first blacksmiths began to settle here at the end of the 13th century. The attraction was peat reserves, rich iron ore sand, fresh water and the proximity of important rivers. These ideal conditions caused more than 300 forges to operate in Seki between 1300 and 1500. The quality of Seki swords soon gained an unshakable position, and the best katanas of samurai warriors usually came from this area.

Today, the production of KASUMI brand kitchen knives is overseen by master Kanefusa Fujiwara himself, a member of the 25th generation of the clan, famous for the production of katana swords. You can find the proud name of the region on every KASUMI brand blade.

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