Instructions for use and maintenance

Dear customers, 

you have purchased quality Japanese knives, the originality od which is guaranteed by the Nippon Knives distributor. 

In the interest of long-term and satisfied use, please observe the following instructions: 

How to use, maintain, storage:

  • use knives only for working with food 
  • use synthetic rubber or wooden cutting board 
  • after use, rinse with lukewarm water and dry thoroughly 
  • oil carbon steel blades /SK, Shirogami, Aogami/ with camellia oil and store in greaseproof paper 
  • store in special blocks, magnetic holders, or wooden cases 
  • for grinding, use Japanese grinding stones or Japanese ceramic grinding wheels (not steel) 


  • not suitable for dishwashers 
  • do not use for cutting frozen food 
  • do not use for chopping bones 
  • avoid cutting on porcelain, ceramic plate, glass, baking tin and similar materials 
  • do not expose to extreme heat and strong cleaning agents 
  • protect against hitting a hard surface 
  • avoid getting the blade stuck in a hard surface and subsequent prying, turning 


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Official distributor for Slovakia
Official distributor for Slovakia
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