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We all know that. We are looking forward to the holiday season first. After all, who would despise a well-deserved vacation after hard work. Sea, mountains or just a rest in the home environment. 14 days pass like water and nothing can be done, work calls again. It doesn't matter, during the holidays the morning traffic jams are just fiction and traveling to work is a complete idyllic. It ends in the afternoon looking at the list of unfinished tasks. After all, how could it be better if everyone you call is on vacation. Productivity is falling sharply, which is why this period tends to be aptly called the off season.

We at Nippon Knives said we'd just boycott off season. We have decided to bring you interesting news throughout the summer. Therefore, we flew to Japan in the spring and thoroughly inspected the range of our suppliers. We will gradually present the most interesting things to you here.


Marusho Industry Inc. is a world leader. They produced the first ten-sided handles of mass-produced kitchen knives. So we can safely say that this is a real revolution in this direction. Looking at the sleek green micart and San Mai blades, we just couldn't resist. At the same time, we acquired the first Kiritsuke knives in our collection. & Nbsp;



Kurouchi means black, and it is these unpolished blades that bring a unique atmosphere to us. Add to that a combination of the best materials you can imagine / Hitachi Blue Super & nbsp; II, buffalo horn, magnolia / and you get a knife in which you swear that you won't even look at another one. The icing on the cake is its origin - Tosa. Its name Tosa-Ichi can be freely translated as the best in the Tosa area.

We are very proud for this novelty.





Trust us, it wasn't easy at all to keep this news in the drawer until it's time comes. However, the Japanese have taught us discipline and therefore we discover new products chronologically as they came to us. The time has just come when we can finally share with you this unconventional and very progressive approach to the production of kitchen knives. Superlatives must be handled carefully so as not to devalue them. Well, they're here. Let us introduce you to the sharpest knives on the market.

Naša rada: Pozrite si video, prečítajte si článok a ak tomu neuveríte, príďte si nože osobne vyskúšať.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Damascus or damask - these are terms used to describe layered blades, where the core / hagane / is lined on each side with a combination of layers of softer and harder materials. The first such blades came to Europe from Japan thanks to the brand KASUMI . They enchanted us not only with their qualities, but also with their fairytale appearance. Their popularity is growing so fast that, unfortunately, we also encounter imitations , which have nothing to do with Damascus blades. Therefore, we recommend purchasing such knives exclusively from official distributors. Manufacturers are constantly improving their technology, resulting in breathtaking creations that they can create on their blades. We are proud to be able to physically offer you one of such creations. 

Herb scissors 213100

The barbecue season is in full action. We all know that nothing can taste grilled specialties better than fresh herbs. But the Japanese way of cutting them is less well known. They use the so-called. grip scissors. These are small traditional scissors that, as usual, excel in sharpness. They are made of high carbon steel. And that is the guarantee that they will stay sharp for a long time. Whether you grow herbs in a pot or in the garden, cut them comfortably and in style. 

KASUMI 80007

The KASUMI brand is known not only for its high-quality Damascus knives, but also for its proven and very fast grinding stones. Grits from 240 to 10,000 are available. Ready to Sharpen types are very popular, which do not need to be soaked in water for a long time. The Marble series is a luxury section of grinding stones. We bring you a practical 1200 grit with which you can sharpen the knife very quickly. A silicone pad that excels in its unsurpassed adhesion will help you when grinding.. 


KASUMI 80005

We brought you this novelty from the Ready to Sharpen range of stones. The stones do not need to be soaked for a long time. Instead, just immerse them and you can work immediately. Therefore, they are especially sought after by professional chefs who suffer from a lack of time. The specific combination is suitable for those who already own stones designed for basic grinding. The 5000 granulation is used for fine grinding and the 10000 ultra-fine stone will polish your blade perfectly. Such an adjustment prolongs its durability.


Holidays are over and, for many,vacations too. A look at the calendar tells us to put the cucumbers in the cellar. But our determination to bring you interesting news will not end there. Nippon Knives will include several other very attractive knives in its offer soon. So watch our banner on the headline.


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