• Eye candy in Japanese.

    Eye candy in Japanese.

    ​It is widely known about the Japanese that their cuisine is not only very healthy and diverse, but also unusually aesthetic. Each part of the dish is carefully cut into symmetrical pieces. We already know that they can do it not only thanks to their patience and talent, but also thanks to perfect knives.

  • Sorry


    We live in a world of information. Their quantity is constantly growing, the quality is not always, but the fact remains that there are sometimes too many of them to process without harm. You know it, you go looking for a certain piece of information and by the time you get to it, you unwittingly learn things you didn't even want to know. And it is questionable whether you will even get to the data you are initially looking for.

  • Takefu Special Steel Co.Ltd.

    Takefu Special Steel Co.Ltd.

    The last trip to Japan was really hearty. No wonder, because the pandemic of the Covid-19 virus and the subsequent closure of Japan caused the cancellation of two planned trips. The schedule therefore included a visit to all the main islands except northern Hokkaido. ​This time I was especially looking forward to one special destination - Takefu.

  • Hanami


    Cherry blossoms are truly a sight to behold. And not only from an aesthetic point of view. It is the messenger of spring and therefore we always eagerly await it. But not like in Japan. Here, the cherry blossoms represent a completely different dimension. This unofficial holiday called Hanami plays an important role in many areas of Japanese life. Sakura and especially its flower is a symbol of happiness, love and unity. You can find it on paintings, kimonos and various decorative items.

  • Tojiro in Tokyo

    Tojiro in Tokyo

    ​Introducing the Tojiro brand, of which we have been the exclusive importer for Slovakia for more than 15 years, is certainly unnecessary. This manufacturer of quality kitchen knives from Tsubame is known for its extensive portfolio. It is dominated by the popular VG10 steel and the application of decarbonization prevention.

  • We are preparing a rich autumn.

    We are preparing a rich autumn.

    Dear friends, ​We decided that in the era of bad and worse news that attacks us all on a daily basis, we will spread the opposite, the positive ones. And we will start right away by preparing a rich autumn for you.

  • Mcusta Asanoha

    Mcusta Asanoha

    For understandable reasons, 2020 cannot be described as a great year. But there are also facts that we are rightly very proud of. One of them is the award of the Nippon Knives e-shop by Marusho Industry Inc., which supplies Zanmai and Mcusta knives to the Slovak market through our company. For this purpose, a single copy of the Mcusta knife was made, especially for the Nippon Knives.

  • Craft perfection

    Craft perfection

    There are products whose brand is a guarantee of unquestionable quality, even without their detailed examination. You don't need to see them, you know that nothing insignificant has been produced under this brand in its long history. You just want it, whether you need it or not. Making fun is nice and life is so short ...



    We live in a time when even a person who does not have an overly developed ecological feeling suspects that something is wrong. Despite the claims of many arrogant politicians that everything is under control, we see and, above all, feel that this is certainly not the case.

  • Join the club of exceptional

    Join the club of exceptional

    Nippon Knives offers you a ticket to Club 50. Yes, only fifty people around the world will become the owners of the exclusive set of Japanese knives SUZAKU.

  • The REIWA era has begun

    The REIWA era has begun

    You must have noticed a change on the Japanese imperial throne. Emperor Akihito made an unprecedented abdication for health reasons. His son Naruhito, the 126th emperor of the family ruling since the 14th century, sat on the vacated chrysanthemum throne. The era of Reiwa, which symbolizes order and harmony, has begun.

  • Twins? Not quite.

    Twins? Not quite.

    Japan is a country full of tradition. This is evidenced by the fact that individual parts of the territory are inhabited by their original historical names. Today's Kochi Prefecture is therefore popularly called Tosa. This is doubly true for us, as Tosa has always been associated with great blacksmiths. And it is still so today.

  • In the cradle of the Japanese cutlery

    In the cradle of the Japanese cutlery

    Many years of experience in foreign trade have taught me that if a person wants to carry out a certain activity for a long time and seriously, it is necessary to meet personally the people with whom he intends to cooperate. But a short meeting at exhibitions and fairs is not enough.

  • What am I actually holding in my hand?

    What am I actually holding in my hand?

    If you are interested in a quality knife surfing the Internet and comparing the parameters of individual models, it is not easy at all. Terms like aogami, shirogami, SPG, VG, SUS, SKD, pakka, stamina, micarta ... Who should be familiar with it?

  • Visit the Tojiro factory with us

    Visit the Tojiro factory with us

    Traveling in Japan is comfortable and exciting, but not cheap at all. Finally, just like everything else. After all, what can be expected from a country where the average monthly income significantly exceeds the limit of 3000 EUR.

  • Off season

    Off season

    We all know that. We are looking forward to the holiday season first. After all, who would despise a well-deserved vacation after hard work. Sea, mountains or just a rest in the home environment.

  • Where Tamahagane is born

    Where Tamahagane is born

    The concept of Tamahagan gives the insiders the idea of Japanese swords made of the most perfect steel. After all, the literal translation of tamahagane is stainless steel.

  • Aritsugu


    When you go to Kyoto, you have to visit Aristuga, Shinsuke Hokiyama, owner of a Sakon knife company, told me. "It's the oldest knife shop in Japan, and I supply 10,000 knives a year," he added with a typical smile.

  • Mr.Global


    Who wouldn't know him. Smart, talkative and always smiling. Just as black dots are an integral part of Global knives, so Min Tsushida has a white kimono and a typical chef's hat.

  • Nice visit

    Nice visit

    We like visits. We know that the one who finds time to visit the Nippon Knives collection is our "blood type". When discussing a common hobby, time runs fast but all the more pleasant. The spectrum of visitors is wide.

  • Japanese knives? Definitely, but ...

    Japanese knives? Definitely, but ...

    Those who own a quality Japanese knife will most likely confirm to us that its performance is significantly more significant than in the case of its non-Japanese competition.

  • New shop

    New shop

    Time cannot be stopped. As well as technical progress. As a result, our original 7-year-old Nippon Knives online store could no longer match current trends.

  • They said-about-us

    They said-about-us

    Japanese knives have a story. Many claim to have a soul. Yes, it's a metaphor, but it's very apt.

  • Visit us

    Visit us

    We are constantly expanding our showroom. We have prepared a collection of more than 300 types of Japanese knives for you.

  • Chefs in Nippon Knives

    Chefs in Nippon Knives

    For some, a knife is exclusively a means of work, for others an object that arouses pleasure.

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