TAMAHAGANE Oxford KR1 CAM - knife roll
TAMAHAGANE Oxford KR1 CAM - knife roll TAMAHAGANE Oxford KR1 CAM - knife roll TAMAHAGANE Oxford KR1 CAM - knife roll TAMAHAGANE Oxford KR1 CAM - knife roll TAMAHAGANE Oxford KR1 CAM - knife roll TAMAHAGANE Oxford KR1 CAM - knife roll TAMAHAGANE Oxford KR1 CAM - knife roll

TAMAHAGANE Oxford KR1 CAM - knife roll

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Usage: Knife case
Producer: Tamahagane

One of the most sophisticated rolls for 5 knives. Includes 5 cleverly designed and reliable blade protectors that you can use even outside the packaging. There are 3 designs with antibacterial treatment: Camouflage, Navy and Denim.

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It is unlikely that a professional will keep his precious knives at work. And it is not just about security. He still needs his quality knives at home. It does not make sense to leave your professional tools intact at work and use something secondary at home. The solution could be to duplicate your purchase, which, however, would mean a ticket for divorce with less tolerant partners. Whichever way we look at it, carrying your knives has many advantages.

What remains to be resolved is how to carrying them. High-quality sharpened knives will easily find their way out of any briefcase. So losing a knife and walking around with a slashed bag is not an appealing idea. Wrapping your knives in a wad of greasy rags may protect their blades, but ungainly unwrapping will not secure you very good status. Luckily, we have an elegant solution for you. It combines aesthetics, simplicity, quality and functionality. The bonus is a price tag that certainly will not damage your budget. 

The TAMAHAGANE brand has come to market with a handy multi-purpose knife roll Oxford Knife Roll. This knife roll consists of a thick and very strong cotton fabric and is available in three designs: the adventurer's Camouflage, the elegant Navy and the casual Denim. A highlight is the use of an antibacterial spray. The roll has 5 pockets sewn in for the same number of knives. So, at first glance, a completely standard knife roll. However, this is where the normal standard ends. Included are 5 blade guards in three sizes that fit tightly into the individual pockets. This means your blades will be perfectly protected and so will the seams in each pocket. The roll will thus serve you many times longer than is the case with conventional rolls. Blade guards deserve extra attention. They are made of strong polyurethane with a beautiful outer texture. That is because you will use them outside of the wrapper as everyday blade protection. The guard is open on three sides, making it suitable for a wide variety of knives. You will hardly find a knife in your portfolio that will not slide into the guard. The tensioning of the fixed side prevents unwanted slippage from the blade. The main trump card, however, is hidden inside. Its inner walls are lined with a soft, brushed material resembling velvet. So your blades will be stored literally like in cotton wool.

The great advantage of the Oxford Knife Roll is its variability. Not only can you carry your knives in style, but you can also consistently protect their blades. In the package you will find 5 special guards: 

2pcs size L - suitable for large knives with blade length up to 270mm 

2pcs size M - suitable for medium and larger knives with blade length up to 210mm 

1pcs size S - suitable for smaller knives with blade length up to 150mm 

The manufacturer has also thought of protecting the handles. These are overlapped by the top of the packaging and do not come into contact with each other when subsequently rolled up. This is how we imagine the complete security of the knives. Two TAMAHAGANE embroideries aesthetically complete this exceptional kitchen knife roll. And what is it actually lacking in perfection? Perhaps only adequate filling. In our case, it is the TAMAHAGANE SAN knives in the following composition: SN-1107 Petty 150mm SN-1133 Kengata 190mm SN-1114 Santoku 175mm SN-1105 Gyuto 210mm SN-1104 Gyuto 240mm

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About producer


Tamahagane is the designation of first-class steel, which was primarily intended for the production of the highest quality swords of Japanese samurai. Only real katanas boasted tamahagane steel blades. The reason was the high price, which corresponded not only to uncompromising quality, but also to a demanding production method.

Tamahagane /tama = gem, hagane = steel/ is produced in Tatara clay "baths" with dimensions of 1200x3700x1200mm. Tatara is gradually layered with iron ore sand /10t/ and charcoal /12t/. After 72 hours of burning, a Kera "steel flower" weighing about 2.3 tons is created. It contains 3 products with different carbon content. Hocho-tetsu is a softer steel with a lower carbon content, while Nabe-gane and Tamahagane contain 1-1.5% carbon, which guarantees their high hardness. Only about 1t of tamahagane is obtained from the entire production cycle. Today, only one steel mills in Japan produce tamahagane steel in this traditional way, and only once a year.

The manufacturer of exclusive kitchen knives from the city of Tsubame, located on the northern coast of Niigata prefecture, borrowed the name tamahagane for its products. However, the Japanese strictly adhere to traditions and moral obligations, so Mr.Kataoka constructs its knives according to proven old recipes.

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