Gyuto GH-2 HAP40
Gyuto GH-2 HAP40 Gyuto GH-2 HAP40 Gyuto GH-2 HAP40 Gyuto GH-2 HAP40 Gyuto GH-2 HAP40 Gyuto GH-2 HAP40 Gyuto GH-2 HAP40

Gyuto GH-2 HAP40

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Handle: Drevená
Blade lenght: 19, 5cm
Blade material: Oceľová
Usage: Univerzálne
Weight: 152,00 g

Gyuto chef's knife with a 19.5 cm three-layer blade. Ultra-hard HAP40 steel core. Outer layers of anti-corrosion steel. Buffalo horn ferrule. Japanese magnolia handle. Treat the blade edge with blade oil. You can also order a traditional saya HZ2-3005N wooden case for the knife.

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Tsubame and Sanjo in Niigata Prefecture are important centers for the production of kitchenware. Although they do not have such a rich history as Seki, Takefu, Sakai or Tosa, they are home to important manufacturers and distributors (Tojiro, Tamahagane, Global). A substantial part of the wholesale of metal kitchen utensils is concentrated right here.

In addition to the larger manufacturers mentioned above, the small family company Gihei also operates in the city of Sanjo. Its establishment dates back to 1928, and therefore it is admittedly unnecessary to talk about sufficient experience. It is currently run by the founder's son Atsushi Hosokawa and grandson Takeshi Hosokawa. Such a small workshop would have very little chance of survival unless it was something special. It consists in the perfect mastery of the processing of extra hard materials. In addition to traditional ones such as Aogami and Shirogami, there are modern steels ZDP189 and HAP40. Those, interested in Gihei knives are therefore willing to wait for these gems for a period significantly exceeding one year.

We are honored to present to you two knives made from one of the most respected steels ever. It is a HAP40 high-speed tool steel produced by Hitachi Metals using powder metallurgy. Its chemical composition and sub-zero treatment /hardening in a cryochamber/ ensure its tremendous hardness, strength and abrasion resistance. Due to the low chromium content, it is not anti-corrosive, but this can be solved by simply using oil on the blades.

The San Mai construction has hagane made of HAP40 hardened to 66 HRC. The jigane on the sides is made of anti-corrosion steel SUS440. This means that you only need to apply blade oil to the edge itself. It is symmetrical in the shape of the letter "V". The polished blade is embossed with the inscription Gihei in hiragana and the steel's proud name in Latin. Shinogi is matte and transitions into a decent hamon.

Wa-Bocho has a ferrule made from the right buffalo horn, which the manufacturer draws attention to with an inscription. The ferrule flows beautifully smoothly into an oval handle made of Japanese magnolia.

At first glance, the knife looks very Japanese without any unnecessary decorations. It also modestly hides its indisputable trump cards, which may only be revealed by the price tag.

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