Nakiri SM-36017 vegetable knive
Nakiri SM-36017 vegetable knive Nakiri SM-36017 vegetable knive Nakiri SM-36017 vegetable knive Nakiri SM-36017 vegetable knive Nakiri SM-36017 vegetable knive Nakiri SM-36017 vegetable knive Nakiri SM-36017 vegetable knive Nakiri SM-36017 vegetable knive Nakiri SM-36017 vegetable knive

Nakiri SM-36017 vegetable knive

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Handle: Drevená
Blade lenght: 16.5cm
Blade material: Damascénska
Usage: Zelenina
Weight: 162,00 g
Producer: Sumikama Cutlery /KASUMI/

Vegetable knife nakiri. 33-layer damascene blade with hammered texture for easier separation of food. Option to purchase a traditional wooden saya case KNK-84018.

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Product detail

It is common knowledge that the frequency of news from Japanese manufacturers is not as cadence as that of their competitors. This is due to their basic philosophy: why change what works well. On the other hand, they are aware of the capriciousness of European and American consumers, who are always hungry for something new. That's why we, as an authorized importer and distributor of the iconic KASUMI brand, are happy to present you with its newest addition.

KASUMI is one of the first Japanese brands to introduce kitchen knives with damascene blades on the European continent. They have become synonymous with it, and it is no wonder that their manufacturer, Sumikama Cutlery from the city of Seki, chose this name. Its layered blades resemble the outlines of mountains under a misty sky, which the Japanese call kasumi.

The KASUMI DAMASCUS range of knives has been a benchmark in the Damascus blade class for many years. Let's take the material composition, the type of construction, the craftsmanship and the final aesthetic rendering, and we get a knife that is incredibly robust, strong, with excellent cutting performance and, last but not least, beautiful. There are knives that are cheaper and, of course, significantly more expensive, but none with such a favorable price/performance ratio as the KASUMI DAMASCUS. This is the reason for their popularity.

The new KASUMI KURO builds on the well-established foundations of its older brother. However, there are several differences, the most important of which is the construction type of the knife. If KASUMI DAMASCUS have a full tang construction typical of non-Asian knives, KASUMI KURO are true Wa Bocho, i.e. Japanese knives with a half tang construction and a driven handle. It is this version that is in the crosshairs of those who have decided on typically Japanese knives. In addition to aesthetics, the advantage of this solution is lower weight and simpler production, which in translation means a more favorable price and a shorter delivery time. Pretty important parameters.

The blade, as is rightly expected from this manufacturer, is damascened. It consists of 32 layers of interlaced hard and softer stainless steel and a durable core. Although it is not made of the well known VG-10, it is still made of very high-quality AUS-8 steel, which the manufacturer Aichi Steel has hardened to a respectable 58 HRC. The knife will therefore retain its sharpness longer than you would expect. The beautiful damascene pattern is complemented by hammering in the upper part of the blade. It is not only an aesthetic rendering, but also a better separation of food from the blade. When it comes to aesthetics, it should be added that it is positively influenced by the brand's typical red logo as well as the proud indication of the Made in Seki place of origin.

A higher class of knives usually comes with an octagonal handle, and this is also the case. It is made of stabilized pakkawood. To make moisture absorption as small as possible, the manufacturer applied a fine epoxy coating on it. It is decently dark and with the black resin ferrule creates a pleasant whole. Hence the name kuro - black. A practical detail is the closure of the ferrule on the side of the blade, which will greatly simplify the maintenance of the knife.

If you are looking for a typically Japanese knife from a reputable manufacturer at an affordable price, you have most likely just found it.

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About producer

Sumikama Cutlery /KASUMI/

Sumikama Cutlery, the manufacturer of the prestigious KASUMI brand, is based in the city of Seki, which has been the heart of Japanese blacksmithing since the end of the 12th century. Its diverse production program speaks for the company's versatility. This includes vanadium molybdenum steel knives, damascene knives, VG-10 steel knives, titanium coated knives, ceramic knives and stone barrier knives. Sumikama Cutlery is the first company to export Damascus knives outside of Japan.

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