Zuiun Kengata KN-9303
Zuiun Kengata KN-9303 Zuiun Kengata KN-9303 Zuiun Kengata KN-9303 Zuiun Kengata KN-9303 Zuiun Kengata KN-9303 Zuiun Kengata KN-9303 Zuiun Kengata KN-9303 Zuiun Kengata KN-9303 Zuiun Kengata KN-9303 Zuiun Kengata KN-9303 Zuiun Kengata KN-9303 Zuiun Kengata KN-9303 Zuiun Kengata KN-9303 Zuiun Kengata KN-9303 Zuiun Kengata KN-9303 Zuiun Kengata KN-9303 Zuiun Kengata KN-9303 Zuiun Kengata KN-9303 Zuiun Kengata KN-9303 Zuiun Kengata KN-9303

Zuiun Kengata KN-9303

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Handle: Wooden
Blade lenght: 18cm
Blade material: Damascus
Usage: Fish.meat.vegetable
Weight: 145,00 g
Producer: Seki Kanetsunu

Utility knife kengata. 18cm damascene 63 layered nickel-steel blade with suminagashi drawing. Core made of high-speed tool powder steel SPG-2 with hardness 63 HRC. Seven-edge shaped handle made of stabilized pakkawood. Knife suitable for working with meat, fish and vegetables. For this knife you can buy a traditional wooden sheath saya KN-9353.

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Product detail

ZUIUN the flagship of Seki Kanetsugu production program impressed us a lot. We think it will fit perfectly into Nippon's portfolio knives. This range of knives was made on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of Seki Kanetsugu. So let's look at how ZUIUN opened the door to our showroom.

Zuiun in Buddhism is a cloud of hope. You will find him pictured on a tasteful wooden box made of paulownia wood. Hope that something extraordinary is hidden inside comes true when the cassette is opened. The first thing you notice is the shape of blades. Whether you call it kengata, bunkaor kiritsuke, it´s so popular affair. It is a combination of a wider blade with a sharp point /K-tip/ on its end. That provides a high degree of versatility. With a knife you can cut and pick vegetables and handle meat and fish well.

But not only its shape makes the blade interesting. Beautiful damask drawing is created by 63 layers of steel and nickel. These surround the core of SPG-2 . It is no coincidence that this high-speed tool steel is referred to as Super Powder Gold 2. It is processed by powder metallurgy and sub-zero treatment / hardening at -70 ° C / ensures hardness more as 63 HRC.

The blade thus meets the 4 most important attributes: hardness, strength, durability and corrosion

resistance. SPG-2 is a product of Takefu Special Steel Co. and its composition is as follows: C 1.25 - 1.45, Cr 14 - 16, Mo 2.30 - 3.30, V 1.80 - 2.20, Si 0.5, S 0.03, P 0.03. A similar steel is produced by the Kobelco steel plant under the designation R2. The edge is symmetrical in the shape of Hamaguri . The manufacturer's name and material composition are laser engraved on the left side of the blade. On the right you will find the ZUIUN sign in kanji characters even in small Latin.

The construction of the knife is typically Japanese. So it's a half tang blade bumped into - and now pay attention - the heptagonal handle. The manufacturer is special proud of that. We had oval-shaped handles, letter D shaped, hexagon, octagon, decathlon, but with the heptagonal handle we have the honor here for the first time. We have to admit, it works very elegant, but more importantly, it merges completely in the hand naturally. It is made of brown pakkawood and at the end thrones decorative application. The black ferrule made of the same material is from the handle visually separated by a white resin strip.

ZUIUN knives with their material composition and perfect craftsmanship is one of the gems of our collection. That is why we include them in our Top Gun section.

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About producer

Seki Kanetsunu

Masujiro Kawamura, a descendant of Kanetsugu blacksmiths who specialized in making swords, founded the company Seki Kanetsugu in Seki in 1918. Today, the company is managed by the third generation of the Kawamuras. Our supporters know the Seki area intimately, as it is one of those with the longest history of blacksmithing. It is the seat of many important knife manufacturers. Nippon Knives brings you top products from Seki under the brands KASUMI, ZANMAI, MCUSTA, MASAHIRO and SUNCRAFT.

Adding a new brand to the assortment also brings a certain responsibility. Only a non-professional seller includes in his offer unknown products with which he has no personal experience. Fortunately, this is not the case for us. In the vast majority of cases, we personally check the manufacturer, visit his production several times and use his products. This is the only way we can guarantee the satisfaction of our customers. If it is not possible to use this proven method, our Japanese partners will do it for us.

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