M-310 Saya - Petty 15cm
M-310 Saya - Petty 15cm M-310 Saya - Petty 15cm

M-310 Saya - Petty 15cm

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Usage: Knife case
Producer: Tojiro

Stylish Japanese blade sheath called saya. It is made of magnolia wood in natural finish and decorated with engraved logo. The blade is fixed with a wooden pin. A very practical tool to protect the blade when storing or carrying the knife.This saya is designed for Tojiro petty knives with 12 to 15cm blades.Please note: if you wish to use the saya sheath on a knife other than the one shown in the description, it is necessary to test the sheath before purchase. Individual knives vary in blade shape and thickness and therefore the sheath may not fit your knife. Just bring your knife to our sample room.

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Traditional wooden sheaths are called saya in Japan. Their manual production is demanding and therefore saya is almost always a scarce commodity. Only a few masters are involved in their production. They use suitable wood species such as paulownia, magnolia or bamboo. They are delivered in a natural design or with the use of natural varnishes. Saya is suitable not only for storing the knife, but especially for moving it from place to place. In our offer you will find knife sheaths from MCUSTA ZANMAI and KASUMI. It is quite possible that some sheaths can be used for other knives. Therefore, we recommend that you consult its use before purchasing the sheath.

About producer


We have been watching the Tojiro brand for several years. We focused our attention not only on the kitchen knives themselves, but also on the history and background of the company, the scope of its assortment and the ability to repeatedly achieve the highest quality standards. Finally, after getting to know each other for a long time, we had the honor of representing the Tojiro brand in Slovakia.

There are several areas in Japan famous for the concentration of exceptional blacksmiths and grinders. Cities like Seki, Sakai, Takefu, Tsubame-Sanjo need no introduction to lovers of noble knives. And it is in the Tsubame-Sanjo area in Niigata Prefecture that Tojiro is based.

Tojiro is known above all for its strict adherence to proven techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation since the Edo period. It was the duty of every wealthy feudal lord to spend a certain amount of time in the capital city of Edo. It was a sign of respect for the ruling shogun. The feudal lords brought the best quality products from their regions to the shogun. Therefore, each of them employed the best craftsmen on their estate. Blacksmiths were of course no exception. Today, the shogun for a Japanese manufacturer is its customer. This explains the enormous care for quality that producers devote to their products.

Since the mere observance of tradition is not enough in today's competitive environment, Tojiro introduces new advanced procedures and technologies into its production. It is enough to mention the DP method, in which the manufacturer can prevent unwanted decarbonization at higher temperatures. The result is very hard and durable blades DP series kitchen knives. It may be safe to say that Tojiro represents a clear symbiosis of tradition and revolutionary techniques.

Nippon Knives has selected for you the most interesting from the Tojiro production program, not only in terms of quality but also in terms of price. The ratio of price to performance is a very strong point of the Tojiro company. See for yourself and enter the catalog of our products.

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