Nakiri TZX2-4008V - vegetable knife
Nakiri TZX2-4008V - vegetable knife Nakiri TZX2-4008V - vegetable knife Nakiri TZX2-4008V - vegetable knife Nakiri TZX2-4008V - vegetable knife Nakiri TZX2-4008V - vegetable knife

Nakiri TZX2-4008V - vegetable knife

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Handle: Micarta
Blade lenght: 9, 2 cm
Blade material: Steel
Usage: Outdoor
Producer: Mcusta Zanmai

Nakiri vegetable knife. 16.5 cm long monolithic blade made of stainless steel VG-10 laser cut. Hardness 61 HRC. Nickel-silver alloy bolster. Octagonal spiral handle made of stabilized wood with decorative rivet. Packed in a traditional wooden box. Option to purchase a saya wooden sheath in the Accessories section.

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Product detail

We present you another series of Zanmai knives with the Supreme attribute. With this stamp, the manufacturer marks only the purest of the most well-bred pieces from his breeding. The knives meet the strictest criteria for material, workmanship, ergonomics, performance and aesthetics. Not coincidentally, they were the first choice of the top chefs at Culinary Academy Yves Thuries.

Japanese knives are characterized by their layered blades. Their production is, of course, more demanding, which corresponds adequately to the price. However, not everyone is ready to invest a significant amount in a quality knife. For those manufacturers prepare simpler versions made of a single layer of ordinary steel. This creates knives similar to the European ones, intended for domestic use.

But we also come across single-layer blades, for which none of the text in the above paragraph applies. Paradoxically, these are usually much more expensive knives sought after by real professionals. Their blades are made of extra hard materials, which in the case of layered blades form only the cores themselves. The result is robust, heavy-duty monolithic blades. The higher price reflects not only the value of the material, but also the complexity of its processing.

We have just introduced you to the category in which the targets are determined by Zanmai Supreme Twisted knives. Their blade cut by laser are made of the highest quality stainless steel you could wish for. Undoubtedly, it is Super Stainless Steel, V-Gold 10 Steel, V-Kin 10 Steel, or whatever you want to name the well-known VG-10. It is certainly useless to talk about the high carbon content, cobalt admixtures and other top parameters of this material coming directly from Takefu Special Steel. VG-10 is chronically known for lovers of Japanese knives.

Even in the case of this series, you will not lose the proven shape of the Hamaguri edge, which in combination with the monolithic construction of the VG-10 blade creates an ideal cutting tool. It is a double-sided edge resembling the letter "V", but with convex curves that lend the blade a longer life. At the same time, it retains the sharpness of the razor, so the cleanliness of the cut is guaranteed. This seemingly insignificant detail is important in intensive use. That's exactly what the Supreme Twisted knife is for

intended. It's unbelievable to see how the edges of the red stabilized pakka wood pass precisely into those milled bolster from alloy of nickel and silver. This only confirms the state-of-the-art technology and attention to detail of Marusho Industries Inc. The handle is aesthetically decorated with trim rivet.

Knives in this class cannot be packed other than in luxury paulownia wood cassettes. It will be up to you to re-insert the knives or purchase a traditional saya wooden sheath. You will find a rich selection of these cases in the Blade case section.

It is our honor to supply Mcusta Zanmai Supreme Twisted knives to Culinary Academy Yves Thuries.

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About producer

Mcusta Zanmai

Marusho Industry Inc. - a company producing refined Mcusta pocket knives, luxurious Zanmai kitchen knives and iconic Silky scissors - located in the center of Japanese cutlery, in the city of Seki. The city gained this status already in the middle of the 13th century thanks to sand with a rich content of iron ore, high-quality peat and water sources. These were the reasons why the renowned sword maker Motoshige relocated to this area from the island of Kyushu. During the Muromachi period (1338-1573), more than 300 blacksmiths worked in Seki. Among the most famous were Kanemoto Magoroku and Saburo Shizu. Seki swords quickly gained a reputation throughout Japan.

The Marusho company was founded in 1964. Today, it is run by the founder's grandson and his family. It operates one of the most advanced knife factories not only in the city of Seki, but in all of Japan. Thanks to advanced technologies (laser cutters, CNC mills, 3D CAD/CAM projection), the company produces products refined to the smallest detail. The best example is Zanmai brand kitchen knives. But without manual finalization by experienced craftsmen, the products would be far from perfect.

Zanmai means Luxury in Japanese. However, the word is actually derived from the Sanskrit "Samadhi", which is the term for the process of meditation leading to consciousness. It is not known how deeply the Hasegawa clan devotes itself to meditation, but this matter is more than clear. Their knives are consciously polished to the highest luxury.

©2010-2018 Copyright Roman Ulík, Nippon Knives, all rights reserved.

Photos and texts are protected by copyright law and their use without the author's consent is not possible.

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