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Among other things, Japanese knives are known for their exceptional sharpness. Of course, this has its justification, as we are used to in the Japanese. Their cuisine requires an extremely clean cut, without pressure on the fibres. It is not only a question of aesthetics, but of taste itself. This prevents the unwanted leakage of juices. The Japanese edge is therefore steep and most often forms an angle of 15-20° from each side of the blade axis. It is even less  with filleting knives.

Whetstones are the ideal tool for sharpening Japanese blades. In the end, the vast majority of Japanese manufacturers finalize their blades in this way. Quality Japanese stones are very effective, but working with them requires some skill and training. After all, achieving the desired angles on both sides of the blade requires not only patience but also the necessary practice. However, there are devices that not only make the work easier, but also give the result a professional quality. We are bringing you one of these right now.

The system we present to you is neither revolutionary nor unique. You can find its principle of operation on similar products from different origins. Why go for this one with a confident price tag and moreover made in Russia? The answer is surprisingly simple. Just because!

 The city of Izhevsk is known throughout the world as the birthplace of the unbeatable AK-47 Kalashnikov submachine gun. The TSPROF KO3 grinding system has much more in common with it than just his birthplace. It is primarily robustness, reliability, accuracy, complexity, and ease of use.

Robustness – the body of the system itself weighs over 2kg. If you don't use a G-clamp but a cast iron stand, add another hefty 3kg. We are already talking about a weight that no other system has. And looking at the size of the main bearing housing will leave you speechless.

Reliability – Russian engineering is used to producing products that must function even in the most demanding conditions. And we do not assume that they are like that in your workshop. The dimensions and oversized mass of the base material and components are an important aspect of reliability.

Accuracy - nothing is manufactured so call "down on the knee". It is serious machine production with the help of CNC mills and lathes. Only top materials such as anti-corrosion steel, titanium and aviation aluminum alloy are used. The guide rod of the abrasive with a length of 700 mm and the ground plan distance of the head of the threaded mechanism from the ground blade of 300 mm is unique, thanks to which unprecedented grinding accuracy is ensured with an angle adjustment step of 0.1°.

Complexity - a number of clamps, adapters, abrasives and additional assortment will allow you to grind a large number of blades in terms of types and sizes.

Ease of use - you can assemble and calibrate the system very quickly according to the attached instructions. The use itself is simple and intuitive.


Do you care about the condition of your knives? Do you like sharp blades? Are you a perfectionist and insist in exact blade angles? Don't like giving your knives to someone else's to sharpen them? Do you enjoy DIY work, but not so confident in your technical skills? If you answer this set of questions with one big YES, the KO3 grinding system is just for you.

We have prepared for you a special assembly of the TSPROF sharpening system, which we have aptly named KO3 Nippon Knives Edition. We configured it so that it primarily takes into account the specifics of Japanese knives. This means that in the set you will find clamps for clamping blades with a smaller thickness, you can easily set Japanese angles of 15-20° (peak 30-40°) and, in addition to the very effective Russian Venev top class diamonds, the set also includes high-quality Japanese KASUMI water stones. We have not forgotten the special adapter needed for sharpening knives with a hamaguri /convex/ blade.

The TSPROF KO3 KNE grinding system is an open system. This means that it can be supplemented with various accessories. This makes it extremely versatile. The current set is tailor-made mainly with a Japanese knife. You can use it on practically all types of commonly available Japanese knives, whether they are made of traditional high-carbon steels such as kigami, shirogami, aogami, or modern anti-corrosion AUS, VG, ZA or powdered ZDP,SPG,SKD,SRS, HAP... The system can handle European or American blades more quickly.

The system can be supplemented with various clamps, abrasives, a microscope and other accessories. Then you will be able to sharpen, for example, scissors or chisels and monitor your progress with up to 500 times magnification, or measure angles with a laser goniometer. 

Good news for those who want to keep their knives precisely sharpened on this system, but are not considering owning one. They can find the solution here: 

Zostava brúsneho systému KO3 Nippon Knives Edition 

  • Stand KO3
  • Pedestal
  • Abrasive carrier
  • Digital inclinometer Axicube
  • G clamp
  • Milled fillet clamps
  • Jointed fillet clamp
  • Titanium abrasive carrier guide for convex grinding
  • Three-position adapter for convex grinding /4.3°; 7.2°; 10.3°/
  • TSPROF Allen keys 1.5mm; 2.0mm; 2.5mm; 3.0mm; 4 mm
  • Digital protractorMagnifier 40x magnification with LED lighting
  • Diamond Venev 100% 100/80
  • Diamond Venev 100% 50/40
  • Diamond Venev 100% OSB 20/14
  • Diamond Venev 100% OSB 7/5
  • Diamond Venev 100% OSB 3/2
  • Diamond Venev 100% OSB 1/0
  • Japanese sharpening stone KASUMI 240
  • Japanese sharpening stone KASUMI 1000
  • Japanese sharpening stone KASUMI 3000
  • Japanese sharpening stone KASUMI 8000
  • Japanese cleaning stone Toishi
  • Honing leather coarse
  • Honing leather soft
  • Dialux Vert polishing paste
  • A set of spare parts and accessories
  • Military wooden crate
  • Slovak instructions for use, tips and advice

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