Petty Kasane SCS 125U utility knife
Petty Kasane SCS 125U utility knife Petty Kasane SCS 125U utility knife Petty Kasane SCS 125U utility knife Petty Kasane SCS 125U utility knife Petty Kasane SCS 125U utility knife Petty Kasane SCS 125U utility knife Petty Kasane SCS 125U utility knife Petty Kasane SCS 125U utility knife Petty Kasane SCS 125U utility knife Petty Kasane SCS 125U utility knife

Petty Kasane SCS 125U utility knife

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Handle: Wooden
Blade lenght: 12.5cm
Blade material: Steel
Usage: Universal
Weight: 52,00 g
Producer: Sumikama Cutlery /KASUMI/

A knife suitable for an incredible amount of work. A nice length, a wider blade root and an uncompromising tip is the best combination invented by Japanese masters of the culinary craft. Once you grasp the ergonomic and warm-feeling mountain cherry handle, you will never let somebody take it away.

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Product detail

Sumikama Cutlery is one of the leaders in Seki. After all, it was this 103-year-old company that was the first to export damascene blades abroad. Thanks to her, Europeans got to know the beauty of layered kitchen knives.

Although the manufacturer is famous mainly for its popular knives KASUMI DAMASCUS, it brings more and more surprising news. He delighted lovers of handicrafts with traditional knives from the workshop Katsushige Anryu. He confirmed with lineSUPER STONE BARRIER that he is no stranger to scientific achievements. Now his attention was focused on the gentler gender.

The name Kasane comes from the phrase kasane-no-irome. In Japan, this term referred to the art of layering colors on kimonos. At the same time, it presents the idea of blending in many areas. The seasons intersect smoothly, the day changes to night, minutes to hours. The beauty of a woman intertwines in individual phases of her life. Likewise, the craftsman layers his experience to create the perfect tool.

Kasane are knives created for women's hands. They are therefore not only perfectly ergonomic but also beautiful. This creates a symbiosis of graceful shapes and tempting tastes in the kitchen, which turns the routine into something exciting.

The first in the Kasane series is a knife bunka. It is a utility kitchen knife suitable for working with meat, fish and vegetables. The bunka-shaped blade is currently one of the most popular, which is why the manufacturer is the first to introduce this knife. The next will be the knife petty and bread knife.

The blade is made of one layer of vanadium-molybdenum stainless steel. It bears a decently applied logo. The forged bolster is interestingly shaped and creates an unmissable detail. But the real dominant is the handle. Its unusual shape is not only aesthetic but also ergonomic. The material is firm wood of mountain cherry growing in Gifu prefecture. The surface is perfectly visible and creates a feeling of pleasant warmth and softness. Tasteful packaging in light pastel colors only underlines the importance of Kasane.

Trust us, this knife will please every woman.

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About producer

Sumikama Cutlery /KASUMI/

Sumikama Cutlery, the manufacturer of the prestigious KASUMI brand, is based in the city of Seki, which has been the heart of Japanese blacksmithing since the end of the 12th century. Its diverse production program speaks for the company's versatility. This includes vanadium molybdenum steel knives, damascene knives, VG-10 steel knives, titanium coated knives, ceramic knives and stone barrier knives. Sumikama Cutlery is the first company to export Damascus knives outside of Japan.

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