Yanagiba BD-07 sashimi knife
Yanagiba BD-07 sashimi knife Yanagiba BD-07 sashimi knife Yanagiba BD-07 sashimi knife Yanagiba BD-07 sashimi knife Yanagiba BD-07 sashimi knife Yanagiba BD-07 sashimi knife

Yanagiba BD-07 sashimi knife

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Handle: Wooden
Blade lenght: 21cm
Blade material: Damascus
Usage: Sushi a sashimi
Producer: Suncraft

Knife for sushi, sashimi and even regular filleting. It has a symmetrical double-sided grinding. Its 21cm blade has a core of VG-10 steel. Each side is interlaced with 16 layers to create a distinctive pattern on a dark background. The octagonal handle is made of pakkawood.

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Mr. Senzo, the ancestor of the founders of Kawashima Industries, was a respected figure in Seki. He was not indifferent to the public good, so he did not hesitate to use his own resources to make life easier for the locals. This positive attitude towards others inspired his descendants. In the production of their knives, they think primarily about the needs of their future users and therefore their production is ensured exclusively by craftsmen employed by the company. Knives marked Senzo are 100% a Suncraft product.

The Senzo Black knife series is the culmination of Suncraft's current production. It is a concentrate of everything that can be expected from Japanese knives. First-class materials, hard-to-beat cutting performance, high aesthetic value and years of proven construction.

The core of the blade is cobalt VG-10. Its high carbon content ensures an optimal hardness of 61 HRC. The right ratio of other legates gives the blade excellent abrasion resistance and grain fineness the ability to sharpen quickly. The edge is symmetrical in the shape of the letter "V". In addition to the core, the Damascene blade consists of 32 layers of stainless steel. The manufacturer used the Black Damascus Steel, which emphasizes its elegant dark color, similar to that of the Tojiro Shippu Black and Tojiro Zen Black knives. The drawing of suminagashi stands out beautifully on this background. The name of the knife in kanji characters is etched on one side of the blade while stamped on the other side. However, both versions look decent and do not disturb the grace of the layered blade.

The design of the knife is typically Japanese Wa Bocho. The half tang blade passes through a black pakkawood ferrule. Here, the manufacturer showed a sense of detail and closed the ferrule from the side of the blade with a plastic plug. The brown octagonal handle is made of the same material as the guard. The partition between the guard and the handle is a white ring of carbonized fiber. The color matching is very tasteful and only highlights the overall uniqueness of this product.

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About producer


Seki, with a tradition longer than 700 years, belongs together with the Sakai and Tosa regions to the oldest centers of Japanese blacksmithing. The ideal conditions for this craft attracted many blacksmiths already at the end of the 12th century. The legendary Motoshige was among them. He was aware of the presence of high-quality iron ore sand, pine peat and the proximity of water sources. Everything a blacksmith needs for his work. Adding to their craftsmanship, swords were created that quickly gained their reputation. The saying that a Seki blade will never bend or break accompanies local products to this day.

The fact that 40% of the local industry belongs to the knife industry speaks of the specialization of the city of Seki. Many important manufacturers of famous brands such as Masahiro, Kasumi, Mcusta-Zanmai, Hattori and many others are located here. Nippon Knives brings you another one - SUNCRAFT. 

Kawashima Industries, the owner of the Suncraft brand, is one of the bigger manufacturers in Seki. Since 1947, it has specialized in knives and various other kitchen tools. The credo of the company is to investigate the needs of customers and respond flexibly to them. Significant investments in development and research help it to do so. 

As is common in Japan, Kawashima Industries is a family business in which individual generations take turns. The founders of the company are rightfully proud of their ancestor, Mr. Senzo. He participated with his own resources in the construction of public zones and facilities in the city of Seki. He always had respect for its inhabitants and their needs. The current owners have the same respect for their customers. And in order not to forget the legacy of their ancestor, they call the knives made by company craftsmen Senzo.

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