Super Stone Barrier Santoku SBST 165
Super Stone Barrier Santoku SBST 165 Super Stone Barrier Santoku SBST 165 Super Stone Barrier Santoku SBST 165 Super Stone Barrier Santoku SBST 165

Super Stone Barrier Santoku SBST 165

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Handle: Wooden
Blade lenght: 16, 5 cm
Blade material: Steel
Usage: Universal
Producer: Sumikama Cutlery /KASUMI/

An extremely sharp santoku knife. The thin but strong 16,5cm blade is perfect for cutting meat, fish and vegetables. The stoneware surface reduces adhesion and the Hamaguri blade makes slicing very smooth. The advantage of the non-stick treatment is that there is no need to wash the knife, just wipe it clean after use. A traditional Japanese wooden saya sheath can be purchased with the knife.

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There are knives and knives. Actually, like everything in life. Ordinary, inconspicuous, nothing special and in the end they will manage their task anyway. Then those for which we invent new and new tasks just so that we can use them and have a please. And then those we are not afraid to claim to have a soul. But there are also knives that we are thinking about, or what they can do at all. After all, to proclaim without shame that the knife does not need to be sharpened for a year, and another is guaranteed to be sharper than any other, raises general doubts. But are they justified? We are glad that we have managed to prove many of these bold statements in practice as well. Those who were not afraid to experiment and bought, for example, a knife Sakon Plus can testify that. But others have a chance, because Nippon Knives just brings you some of the sharpest kitchen knives ever. Let us introduce the Super Stone Barrier Knife.

If you look nice video , you will probably find that this is a misleading advertisement known from countless TV-shopping shows. Trust us, this is not the case. We'll let you know why.

The knife comes from Seki in Gifu Prefecture. Its origin is a guarantee of solidity and quality. Of course, this is not enough, so let's take a closer look at its technical-tactical data. First of all, it is necessary to mislead those who think that it is a ceramic knife . Well, not at all! It's an honest steel knife. The material was supplied by the Aichi steel plant, specifically its proven AUS-8 cutlery steel with a hardness of 58 HRC. The secret of the sharp blade is hidden in its thickness. Better said in its subtlety. You grind finer edges on thinner material than on thicker ones. That's why Sumikama Cutlery / Kasumi / mills blades on precision CNC milling machines with the possibility of setting an incredible 0.01 mm.

An objection based on a simplified physical foundation appears to be a logical problem: what is too thin cannot be strong enough. But let's not forget that this is the Super Stone Barrier Knife. The blade is covered with 6 layers of special earthenware. The first serves for a perfect connection with the steel blade, the other 4 give the blade strength and the final sixth is in charge of the surface treatment with the desired properties. Dramatically reduces stickiness and its micron air cushions reduce friction during slicing.

But let's go back to a significant feature of this knife, namely to its sharpness. The best quality swords have been used in Seki since the 12th century. They excelled in their strength and sharpness. Knife manufacturers in this field therefore have a lot of inspiration. It is not only the layering of materials with different characteristics, but also the shape of the blade itself. The form Hamaguri has been adopted as ideal. It is characterized by razor sharpness, but also strength and reduced adhesion. The cutting with the Hamaguri blade is therefore very smooth and with minimal effort. As is generally the case with Japanese knives, the Super Stone Barrier Knife is usually ground on Japanese grinding stones .

So let's summarize the basic benefits of the Super Stone Barrier Knife:

- unprecedented sharpness

- smoothness in cutting thanks to the Hamaguri blade

- strength

- corrosion resistance

- minimal stickiness

- easy maintenance

In short, cut quickly and comfortably , just wipe the knife and put it away if you can.

The creators of the Super Stone Barrier Knife did not neglect its aesthetic side either . The elegant earthenware blade is combined with an "oldschool" handle made of high-quality stabilized pakkawood wood. It is reinforced with two threads and decorated with Stone Barrier engraving. We offer Chef Gyuto's 18cm knife, Santoku's 16.5cm knife and Petty's 13cm universal knife.

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About producer

Sumikama Cutlery /KASUMI/

Sumikama Cutlery, the manufacturer of the prestigious KASUMI brand, is based in the city of Seki, which has been the heart of Japanese blacksmithing since the end of the 12th century. Its diverse production program speaks for the company's versatility. This includes vanadium molybdenum steel knives, damascene knives, VG-10 steel knives, titanium coated knives, ceramic knives and stone barrier knives. Sumikama Cutlery is the first company to export Damascus knives outside of Japan.

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